The story of the Moor Mud Facial Mask for perfect skin began 20,000 years ago on the banks of an enormous lake...

As the very first flowers, herbs and grasses begin reaching for the sun's warmth, an almost miraculous process takes place as the plants finally sink into the water. It's a process that transforms the plants' residues biologically into the substance used today in the Moor Mud Mask.

A subtly potent substance beloved as a natural acne treatment, this skin care system is completely organic face skin care and helps you achieve firm, youthful and perfectly clear skin on the face and body.

This incredible facial treatment and body mask can help with the following conditions:

  • Acne
  • Blackheads
  • Dermatitis
  • Dry Skin
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Mature Skin
  • Oily Face
  • Open Pores
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Sun Damage
  • Wrinkles

The ultimate Acne Treatment and Skin Face Care weapon?

The lowland moors of Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia have evolved over thousands of years from hundreds of herbal plants in their entirety - roots, stalks, blooms, fruits, seeds, tubers and leaves. Over 1,000 different herbs, plants, grasses and flowers can be found there.

Due to the process of decomposing over many years (20,000 to be exact) the moor mud and waters contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, micro-elements, hormones, enzymes, anitbiotic agents and phyto-nutrients. 300 of these natural ingredients have been lost to mankind for over 500 years, except in these particular moors where they remain active. This is due to the fact that the lowland moors have never dried out.

Once a moor dries out it loses organically soluble substances and even a subsequent water additive does not help recover these, so it is vital that these unique areas are not depleted and have a chance to regenerate themselves naturally. Moor Mask is sourced from a variety of lowland moors in order to help facilitate this.

Many tests have proved that essential oils, fats and lipids are present in moor mud. They are naturally occuring and do not have to be introduced artificially as with other preparations on the market. Being fat soluble, these fatty acids penetrate easily into the skin and tissues and are an invaluable beauty aid, helping to clear skin of acne and other blemishes, smooth away wrinkles, remove blackheads and combat an oily face or dry skin. For more information please refer to the sections Moor Mask® FAQ's and Moor Mud Ingredients List.

Why this Facial Mask works!

The 'mud' of the Lowland moors is renowned throughout Europe for its unique natural healing ability and has been used for over 40 years, with enormous success, by doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics and vets. Casualty wards in every Austrian hospital have a moor product available for treating fire victims.

As it is 100% herbal it works in an extremely natural and gentle way to first cleanse, then heal and finally strengthen the skin.

What's extraordinary about the Lowland Moors is that they have never dried out, so their properties, including those from herbs otherwise extinct, are still remarkably active. Other mud masks often only contain minerals, not all of which can be absorbed through the skin. Moor Masks' special blend, which consists of mostly plants, has a therapeutic effect on the body as its minute particles penetrate the pores of the skin into the bloodstream, where they reach every cell, encouraging the body's natural healing process. This effect is possible because biodegradation of these moors stopped at precisely the molecular level which enables the particles to penetrate the skin. It is completely stabilised in this state and held in this static form until it comes into contact with the body, at which time it immediately goes to work. Truely a miracle of nature!


As biological beings, the atoms in the human body have an intrinsic affinity for like atoms in nature, so the body automatically extracts the substances it needs to re-establish order and harmony. Thus glowing, clear skin is achieved naturally and organically.


Perfect Skin from a Natural Beauty Product?

Moor Mask® cosmetic benefits are equally nurturing, containing an abundance of essential oils, fatty acids and lipids which penetrate easily into the skin and subcutaneious tissue to help restore the skin's natural pH balance and increase the flow of blood to the skin. They occur naturally and are not articially introduced as in most cosmetics.

Moor Mask is naturally hypoallergenic and will also harmonise with and benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.


Our Moor Mud Facial Mask, made from this completely natural substance is nature's own cosmetic, helping to clear skin of imperfections, resulting in unblemished and youthful skin and restoring its natural beauty.

Beauty is more than skin deep, Moor Mask® is more than a cosmetic. Once used, it could change your life. Moor Mud Facial Mask loves your skin, whilst your skin will love and respond to Moor Mask®.

We're so confident that you will love this clear skin care system as much as we do that we offer a full Money Back Guarantee if you aren't delighted with the results achieved after just a few weeks use. Please see the Moor Mask® Guarantee page for full details.

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