There is snail cream and then there is THE Snail cream.  Not only does The Snail Cream have the HIGHEST level of snail secrection on the market today (98.5%), whilst still remaining stable, but the primary active ingredient is ethically and gently obtained from farmed snails fed an ORGANIC diet. 

So, what is Snail Cream, how can you tell what's in yours, are the snails harmed and can you just use ones from the back garden?  All this and more below:)

What IS Snail Cream?

The snail creams on the market at the moment are all different but all of them contain an active ingredient of either snail sectrections or the body of actual snails:(

Basically there are 3 main types:

  • SNAIL SLIME:  This is the secrection the snail produces to propel himself along the ground.  Whilst recent research has shown this to have some benefits to the skin, the results are minimal.  However, the impact on the snail is also minimal.
  • SNAIL BODIES:  The most invasive to the snail.  The snail is killed in order to harvest the secrections from the actual body.  The body parts are then filitered out and the resulting substance is added to skincare preparations...yuck!
  • SNAIL SECRETION/FILTRATE:  A glutenous secretion produced by the snail as a defense mechanism against predators. Only this natural secretion has PROVEN benefits for use in skin care products. Snail farmers in Chile discovered the skin regenerating effects as a result of the constant handling of snails. The healing of wounds and skin softening of the workers hands was scientifically attributed to the fact that a snail can regenerate it’s own tissue cells and shell.

What's in YOUR Snail Cream?

Unfortunately, confusion over various products arises because many suppliers refer to the active ingredients as snail secretion/filtrate or filtration interchangeably and never make clear exactly HOW the active ingredient is derived.  The only way to be 100% sure WHAT's in the snail cream you are considering is to ASK if it isn't made clear on the suppliers description.  The process of gentle mechanical stimulation to encourage the snails to release the correct secretion for maximum skin care benefits is a very labour intensive one, taking approximately 400 snails to produce 100ml of secrection. ANY cheap snail cream or serum will NOT use this method - so the price of the product can be a good indicator of:
  • How intrustive the harvesting process has been to the snail?
  • How effective the product will be on your skin?

What's in Snail Secrection?

HavingestablishedtheTYPEofsecrection any self-respecting snail cream should contain, you may be wondering what the secretion each snail produces is actually made up of?
  • Allantoin:  removes dead cells and stimulates the generation of new skin cells. It helps to maintain or restore the balance of skin hydration and thus helps to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Collagen:  a protein and natural component of the human skin - makes your skin smoother, more resilient and helps to reduce wrinkle.
  • Elastin:  a protein which restores or improves the smoothness and resilience of your skin.
  • Glycolic acid:  cleanses the skin from dead cells and supports the generation of new cells.
  • Hyaluronic Acid:  Helps to retain moisture, soothe any inflammation and acts as an exfoliant on dead skin cells.
  • Vitamins A, C & E:  regenerate and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.
    Vitamin A - supports the formation of new tissue
    Vitamin C - is a powerful anti-oxidant
    Vitamin E - protects your skin from the interaction with free radicals and thus helps to prevent premature aging.

So why should you buy 'The Snail Cream' and not one of the others?

We're glad you asked...we've spent months searching for the right product which we felt would sit well with our company ethos.  It had to be all natural, definitely no parabens and chemical free while being ethically produced without harming the snails, BUT we also wanted the highest level of purest secretion we could possibly find!  Finally, we wanted supplies sourced from Chile, from an established snail farmer, as Chile are widely acknowledged as the number one authority on snail secrections.  Chile is where it all started and having done our research, we discovered that snail products from China and Korea are often considered inferior within the industry.  Not much then!  It presented a big challenge and took 4 months of research... but we got there and we're delighted to be offering a brand with no compromises which sits perfectly with our bestselling premium quality moor mud AND offers the highest level of active ingredients in a STABLE form currently available on the market!

How do I use The Snail Cream Filtrate Liquid?

  • The filtrate liquid is thin which allows for quick and easy absorption into the skin. A good way to apply it is to pump some onto clean hands and then quickly pat onto the face paying particular attention to any areas of concern. You can also apply tiny amounts to a cotton bud and use directly on fine lines – but avoid getting any in your eyes!
  • You can use it as either a stand alone product OR in conjunction with other moisturisers OR with the Moor Mask muds IF you have DRY or MATURE SKIN. It should always be applied to the skin FIRST before applying any other products.
  • It will NOT dry the skin – it will help your skin to retain moisture and improve elasticity – however, temporary side effects if you have never used it before may include some dryness. This will subside with continued use.
  • You can mix with other products/moisturisers FOR DRY/MATURE SKIN – however it is NOT a good idea to mix with a clay mask. Clay masks are very drying to the skin whereas the Snail Cream works to combat dryness/sensitivity. Moor Mask is NOT a clay mask so the Snail Cream filtrate can be safely mixed with either of our masks and will give added benefits (or simply purchase the Moor Mask with pre-added Snail Cream!). However, if you have acne or problem skin then you should use our masks WITHOUT adding the Snail Cream.
  • Refrigeration is NOT strictly necessary as we use a very stable form of the active ingredient – however, it will help to prolong the shelf life if you live in a very warm climate?

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