I bought a moor mask a year ago, and didn’t pay attention to it that much. This week I had some friends coming to our house and we decided to apply the moor all over our faces. It was incredible !!! the dark circle disappeared, skins became white, smoother, the pores shrinked and so on. I tried every possible natural and chemical treatment on the market for acne and dark spots, and nothing worked except moor mask.

Salaf B

Let me tell all you non believers out there that this stuff really works, if there is any doubt in your mind you should erase it now. I too was very sketchy about trying this product but with my acne issue I had to give it a chance. I am so happy that I followed through with moor mask. I have watched my face clear up right before my eyes in just days. I have tried such products as pro active and oxy but nothing has worked as fast as this and I see no signs of my acne coming back. If you could only see me before I used moor mask. Great product, great service and arrived fast. My friends laughed at me for wearing it but eh its better then being laughed at for having acne face. Thanks moor mask.

Matt J

Windsor, Ontario Canada

I use it on my face and neck, my underarms (I've got horrible flabby skin there) and on the varicose veins in my legs. The difference in a short space of time has been nothing short than amazing - so much so that I've even started to give myself monthly hair masks! Still not sure exactly how it works and don't really care because all I need to know is it definitely works. Glorious mud indeed.

Janet H

Reading, Hampshire
After having acne for over six years, I was desperate to try any product that promised to help. I saw that the Moor Mask came with a satisfaction guarantee, so I decided to give it a shot. After using this stuff, I immediately noticed less acne on my face, and within days it was completely gone. I'm always telling people that they need to try this, because it's the only thing I've tried that really worked. If you really want to get rid of your acne, this is definitely the way to go.

Richard M

Florida, USA
I was pretty concerned when I first started to show signs of Excema, and the dermatologist wanted a lot of money for a prescription cream. I thought I'd go a cheaper route and buy a small jar of Moor Mask.It was the best decision I ever made, within a couple of weeks the small patches of dry skin cleared up, seriously, thank you very much.

Brandon K

East Greenbush, NY, USA
I just recieved my moor mask. Let me say I have never been more satisfied with a product. It has cleared up my skin and rejuvenated my face. I could not have asked for more. One of the best products I have ever used.


Carmel, USA
I have dealt with adult acne, which can be the worst experience ever; since I was 20 years old. After researching so many different products that claim to work, I became a bit aggrevated because not one of them worked persistently. My husband, bless his heart, purchased me this product a year ago; I have had NO acne issues since. I use this product on an everyday basis and honestly I look younger than my real age; 40 years old. My advice would be to anyone; Try it, You will be simply amazed!

Angel T

S.Carolina, USA
I've had extremely bad acne since I was thirteen. After years of suffering, I finally tried the moor mask. Nothing else had worked, but within days I saw a huge difference in my skin. The acne cleared almost immediately and my skin became better, brighter and more balanced. This product is great! i just wanted to let everyone know this product is the real deal and thank you guys so much for moor mask!


No Location Given
Hi, I just wanted to send a big thank you for your great product. After using it for a couple of weeks, my skin has cleared up considerably. I have been suffering from bad skin and acne since my early teens and tried dozens of different products and Moor Mask is the first one to really make a difference. Clearing up my skin has made me more confident. THANKS MOOR MASK!
Mike B - Marlton, USA

Mike B

Marlton, USA
After you try a few things and get no results you start to doubt the science as a whole. After a while though you find something that works and you wonder where it was hiding before when you were at the beggining of the chain. Moor Mask is that something and once you try it you will be wondering the same thing that I was wondering when I started my venture. Where was it before?
Arehg - No location given


No Location Given
I live in Florida, the Florida heat and salt air has been very hard on my skin.But ever since I've been using Moor Mask,I haven't had a problem and my skin looks and feels wonderful. It's great and I would never go back to my old stuff again.Thank You Moor Mask!


Florida, USA
After moving from Canada to sunny south Florida for a year, I was concerned about the sun damage that was occurring on my skin, in particular in the area around my eyes and forehead. After giving Moor Mask an honest try, I was so pleased to find my skin softer and the discoloration that was starting to become more prominent in my problem areas was drastically reduced! I didn't think that I would be able to turn back time, but Moor Mask has helped me do just that.


Ontario, Canada
Thank you for your wonderful product! I've tried a lot of different things to help my skin, but none were as effective and easy as the Moor Mask. My skin has really cleared up and is generally brighter!

Faith H

New City, USA
I have used many face packs but most of them left a dry feeling on my face rather than the rejuvenated face they promised. The Moor mask works really great, is effective and I feel fresh after each session. I am going to tell my friends how it is done so that they could benefit from it greatly.Thank You.

Jack R

I am writing to give you feedback and hopefully communicate to everyone else how amazing this product is. I got it for my girlfriend and it has worked amazingly well. She loves the "MOOR MASK," it does exactly what the advertisements claim. Thank you for providing such a high-quality skin care product.

John M

Chicago, USA
I tried moormask by way of a friend. Seriously, I had instant results for a problem area on my forehead that I've been fighting with for fifteen years. I don't use a full mask, just enough to address the red patches in between and around the eyebrows. I like to wear cosmetics and dress up my face. MoorMask has helped make things easier for me. It is the perfect cure for my skin condition. I give this product two thumbs up!

Kandiss M

Kentucky, USA
This is a wonderful product, my experience with it has been absolutely wonderful. I've been suggesting the use of it to all of my friends as it's really helped my case. Even though it is a black gooey (kind of scary) substance, it's very helpful and cleanses excellently. Try it out! No chemical hazards here!

Suri M

Ann Arbor, Michigan
I always had problems getting my skin to look young and presentable. With Moor Mask, this is exponentially easier. I recommend buying Moor Mask for its convenience and effectiveness.

Leo W

Who likes putting chemicals on their body? I don't. That's why I was VERY happy to find Moor Mask. Who knew that a brown, goopy mixture could make my skin feel so good and look so nice. Thanks Moor Mask. I'm telling everyone who will listen about this stuff. No more acne... and without chemicals.

Aaron L

Toledo, USA
I had to email to say thanks. My friend gave me a small pot of this when I was visiting England from Japan last Christmas. I didn't use it until I got back, but after a month on a western diet and a 19 hour flight with a 2 year old in tow, I needed a pick-me-up! Suffice to say the mask is everything you promised. Even though my skin is usually pretty well behaved, I do suffer from the occasional break-out but after just a few days my skin had never looked so good. I can highly recommend it and hope you ship to Japan????

Julie A

Okinawa, Japan
I came back from traveling Asia for a few months where my skin was exposed to strong sunlight EVERY DAY. When i returned home i noticed my skin had become very dry and red, itchy patches had started to form around my cheeks. A friend let me know about moormask, and she said i should give it a go, i thought i'd give it a try, even if my family did laugh at me any time i put it on my face. It was well worth it, after a few weeks i noticed the redness was starting to fade and my face wasn't so itchy anymore, i have been using moormask for just under 1 month now and my face is almost completely back to normal...YAY, thanks moormask, two thumbs up!

Paul M

I used mud masks regularly when I was younger, but as I've "matured" I found they dried out my skin too much. Your product is different and I am happy for you to use me as a testimonial. I'm having a spa party next week with moor mask as the main attraction for all my mates cos they all wanna know what I'm using. It's gonna get messy!!!!!!


Location Omitted by Request
I work as a full time gardener, so am outdoors in all kinds of weather. My skin's sensitive, burns easily and has a lot of rough dry patches. I use soap and water to clean my face and that's about it. For the past year I've had broken veins across my cheeks which have been itchy and not very nice to look at. I ordered off your website as I like the fact no bunnies were harmed during its making and its all natural. When I got it I wasn't sure it would live up to expectations and although I found it a bit fiddly to apply at first, I've got used to it now and WOW is it worth the effort or what? Cheers me dears - top banana.

Lisa T

Monda, Spain
I used it and me likey the black gooey stuff! As I will be unrecognisable to all who know me (ha ha!) am even sending you a pic with me wearing the gunk. The only other thing I tried which gave such impressive results was a chemical peel which cost a bundle, gave me peeling red skin for 4 days (very attractive - not!) and I was forced into hiding 'til my face returned to something resembling normal...the black stuff is all natural, relatively easy to use, kind to my skin and even kinder on my wallet. It's particularly good after a heavy weekend when my skin needs some TLC. You lot deserve Blue Peter badges.


London, UK
At 48 I'd given up hope but somebody gave you on a rave review on a forum and with your guarantee I thought it was worth a shot. I'm really glad I did, I can't believe the difference in my skin and have recommended you to all my friends. When are you going to start doing subscriptions so I don't have to keep reordering?

Louise S

Chichester, West Sussex
I started to get Acne around age 14 and tried many different products, including all the ones on TV. Then I heard about Moor Mask from a friend, and it looked disgusting, but I tried it anyways not thinking it would do much. But after 2 weeks my oily forehead was nearly 100% clear, even the black heads that disgusted my face were gone. All those years seemed wasted on other products that had guarantees, but Moor Mask is the only one that truly can.

Chad C

Oregon, USA
I'm 22 and had acne for some time. I tried just about everything, some of them worked for a while and then stopped and then my girlfriend found your site and showed me. I didnt think your stuff would work like the others but she said she'd buy me some and I thought why not. I didnt use it every night like you said at first but I used it about 5 times the first week and already my skin started to clear up. That was last month and now it looks like I've got somebody elses skin its 100 times better. I cant stop looking in the mirror. My girlfriends happy and so am I.

Rob B

Hono, Sweden
I must have looked at your site 20 times or so before I ordered. I was so sick of spending money on hyped up "miracle" creams which just didnt work (not saying yours is hyped up btw). Anyway, now I'm kicking myself for dragging my feet for so long - this stuff ROCKS! Better late than never. Thank you thank you thank you :)

Han C

Edinburgh, Scotland
My son has had severe excema since he was a kid and has always been very self-conscious about it, particularly the patches on his face and arms. I think we've tried just about everything with varying degrees of success. I ordered some Moor Mask not really expecting much but because as his mom I hate seeing him so stressed out and was willing to try anything. I had to keep on at him to make sure he used it for the first few weeks. However, the final 7 days were a breeze because he could see the results for himself. We're about to order more and I had to thank you because while his condition isn't life threatening or anything close the improvement in his self-confidence and his quality of life has been a blessing to us all.

Tyler L

New York, USA
Your testimonials all say how great your mask is and as I'm now on my 3rd jar I can't argue with that but, I'd like to let you know how fab your customer service is - that's it really - terrific product, terrific service - nuff said.

Georgie C

Glastonbury, Somerset

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