You're here because you have a problem. Right? And it's your skin...because if you were one of the very lucky few blessed with beautiful skin from the get-go, which thrives on soap and water and a bit of moisturiser slapped on before you leave the house, you wouldn't even have bothered to scroll down the page this far. So... You have a problem and want to know if there's anything Moor Mask® can do about it? And we know you've heard it all before, you've tried everything and nothing works...or doesn't work for long. And if it does work it's probably been prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist, is costing you a small fortune and you're concerned your miracle "cure" could end up causing unwanted and highly undesirable long-term side effects?

You may even have experienced good results with fraxel laser sessions and/or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, but they're expensive and not without discomfort and you've realised the results still aren't now what? Well, this is where Moor Mask® comes in and if any of the above apply to you, it's time to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule for some cold hard truths about your skin care regimen and where you're going wrong.

The global beauty industry is currently worth around $340 billon (£221 billion) and if you total up the amount you spend on the 'must-have' anti-aging cream or 'quick fix' acne treatment, it's not hard to see how we got there. The choice is daunting, confusing and overwhelming. Big business invests millions of dollars per annum on celebrity endorsements, glossy advertising and the invention of new and wonderful terms to describe their latest ingredients, all of which are designed to part us from our hard earned cash. Our dwindling bank balances and bathroom shelves bulging under the weight of discarded products serve as painful testimony that when it comes to looking good we're easy targets. So...why is Moor Mask® any different and how can it help you?

Well, for starters we could bang on about the 100% natural and organic moor mud which makes up our facial mask containing absolutely NO additives, chemicals, parabens or other "nasties". Or, we could mention our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all first time orders or the 1000 herbs which go into every single jar sold! We could even boast about our 9 out of 10 score for "effectiveness on skin" from an independent panel of testers or refer you to the glowing testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. But we won't. Instead we're going to show you how to get significantly better skin in just 28 days and how to keep your skin looking great everyday, not just for a week, a month or even a year, but for the rest of your life, simply by adopting a painless, easy to follow (and therefore easy to stick to) skin care system, which addresses ALL your skin concerns, saves you money AND fits around your busy lifestyle. We'll even tell you how our moor mud mask helps you get the very best results from favourite products you already use, by making them work faster and more effectively...

Step 1 - Preparation

Sick of those spots, plagued by acne or just down-right tired of loose, crepey skin, wrinkles and other tell-tale signs of aging?

If you have never used Moor Mask® or you haven't used it for 3 or 4 months, you do need to undergo a 21 day 'normalisation program'. You can cut this treatment time in half to just 10 or 11 days by using our Eye and Lip Mask, which contains higher levels of all active ingredients. The normalisation program is a very important step and shouldn't be skipped, because the Moor Mud will, when used consistently, work to bring the skin back into balance. For full information on the differences between our regular Face & Body Mask and the Eye and Lip, please check out our blog or read the How to Use page.

How does Moor Mask® do this?

Firstly, to achieve and maintain great looking skin, you need to be working on two levels. The underlying structure of the face and neck, just like the rest of our body, is composed of muscle, tissue and fat. Moor Mask®, due to its unique molecular composition, can penetrate the skin dermis to a very deep level, unlike the majority of cosmetic skin preparations on the market and due to the amazing array of natural and organic ingredients, can then work on treating various skin complaints all at the same time. You don't need loads of different creams, oils, lotions and serums for different skin problems. All you need is one jar of our extraordinary mud (and possibly a bar of our gorgeously sticky Moor Mud Soap).

Moor Mask® Handy Tip

Handy Tip: Not sure what size of jar you should be ordering to start the normalisation program? As a general guide, a Medium Jar will be just enough to treat the face only for 21 days.

Step 2 - Detox & Normalisation

Due to it's incredible properties of penetration, Moor Mask® encourages the underlying skin tissue to release stored toxins. This is a particularly important process with regards to the treatment of any acne or spots. As the toxins are drawn out of the tissue and fat cells, they will (over the course of a few days to a few weeks) be released back into the bloodstream to be disposed of by the body as a waste product. Drinking plenty of pure water during this cleansing process helps the body to rid itself of these unwanted toxins faster (as will once or twice weekly exfoliation) and if you're really serious about your skin, you may also want to undertake a nutritional detox program for the first week or so of the normalisation process. You should always consult your GP or Nutritionist before undertaking any drastic change in your diet.

It is perfectly normal during this period, especially during the first week to 10 days for your skin to look worse than it does usually - this is due to the purging process. Some customers report they were not aware much was happening during this period, but everyone is different. Don't give up! You should aim to apply Moor Mask® once every day for the full 21 days, just before bed and then apply nothing else to your skin until at least 12 hours later, as the active properties in the mud will carry on on working for that length of time. We appreciate that 21 days for some of you is difficult and your initial program will still be successful even if you miss a few treatments, however we recommend for the days when you are pushed for time that you keep a bar of our Moor Mask® Soap handy, as you can substitute a wash with this instead of a full facial mask (but only on occasion). You need to cleanse your face with a natural vegetable based soap before any full Moor Mud treatment, so it's ideal for this too.

Moor Mask® will work to address all skin complaints but it works faster on some issues and slower on others. For example, restored tone and elasticity in aging skin are often the first areas to show signs of improvement, whilst harder to treat conditions, such as pigmentation and/or thread veins are often amongst the last. Everyone is different, so the speed of results can vary, but you can expect improvement in some areas quicker than in others.

You can undertake a 'mini' skin detox/normalisation process with Moor Mask® at any time and we recommend 5-7 consecutive days of treatment for this. This is especially useful, for example, during the change of seasons when skin is particularly prone to play up, or in the lead up to a special event.

Moor Mask® Handy Tip

Handy Tip: A 'mini' skin detox/normalisation process also has the huge added benefit of 'clarifying' skin rather like a clarifying shampoo, which means that afterwards, your favourite/regular skin care products will have the greatest impact, working again like they used to...

Find out more about the normalisation process on our How To Use page.

Step 3 - Maintenance

Once you've undergone the normalisation program, you can look after your 'new' skin through the application of a consistent maintenance routine. Frankly, this is a different thing for different people. Some users may have to apply a full Moor Mask® treatment twice a week to maintain the best results but generally most customers are able to maintain achieved results with a once a week application. Whilst it may feel like you could go longer between treatments, you should keep in mind that Moor Mask® draws out impurities from deep within the skin, where all the 'nasties' are often lurking. Regular weekly applications helps prevent break-outs and other undesirables from occurring in the first place - and we all know that prevention is better than cure!

Moor Mask® Handy Tip

Handy Tip: Whilst we all have certain products we wouldn't want to be without, there really isn't any need to invest a small fortune in a multitude of expensive skin care items if you are using Moor Mask® regularly. Not only will your skin thrive with repeated applications but you'll discover that you can easily cut down on the time and money you currently invest in your skin care program.

Step 4 - Still Thinking About It?

Seriously? Ok, still sceptical, think you can't afford it or not sure if it will work for you..?

We don't give away free samples because we do offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all first time orders (some terms and conditions do apply), which means you can try the Moor Mask® normalisation program with no risk to find out whether or not it will work for you. And, while we're not in to 'hard selling', we'll whisper that in our 4 years of trading and thousands of litres sold, we've only been asked to refund on 3 occasions! So we can promise that if you're in the very small minority of those who Moor Mud doesn't work for, you'll get a no-quibble refund... Fast!

We cannot be beaten on prices by other leading brands of facial-quality Moor Mud - even when you take the shipping costs into account.

And finally... Consider this... Moor Mud is already thousands of years old. Due to this fact there is no expiry date on the product, and provided the lid is replaced when not in use and you don't let it dry out in the jar for an extended period, it will always be ready to use. You can simply add filtered or bottled water to the jar if it appears to have slightly dried or thickened up over time - give it a good stir and voila... The active ingredients will be re-activated. This means that a purchase of an Extra Large size jar of Moor Mask® works out at incredibly good value.

How cheap is Moor Mask®?

Firstly, you save when buying in quantity. Bulk orders or the Extra Large size of mask would cost you less than buying smaller jars more regularly. The Extra Large size should provide you with approximately 85-100 applications to the face and neck.

Secondly, due to the way Royal Mail calculates postage charges, you minimise shipping costs, particularly if you are an overseas customer (please read our special instructions for International Orders.

Thirdly, you can save even more by 'liking' our Facebook page, subscribing to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) or checking out our YouTube channel, as we regularly issue coupon codes which can be used to get MONEY OFF when placing an order, in addition to any special deals we are already running.


Now really... What are you waiting for..?

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