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"Let me tell all you non believers out there that this stuff really works, if there is any doubt in your mind you should erase it now. I too was very sketchy about trying this product but with my acne issue I had to give it a chance. I am so happy that I followed through with moor mask"&#174"

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Moor Mask®...nourishes skin from outside in...

Welcome Moor Mask®

What a Good Facial Mask Can Do For You and The Cold Hard Truth about Skin Care

You’re here because you have a problem. Right? And it’s your skin…because if you were one of the very lucky few blessed with beautiful skin from the get-go which thrives on soap and water and a bit of moisturiser slapped on before you leave the house you wouldn’t even have bothered to scroll down the page this far. So…you have a problem and want to know if there’s anything Moor Mask® can do about it? And we know you’ve heard it all before, you’ve tried everything and nothing works…or doesn’t work for long. And if it does work it’s probably been prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist, is costing you a small fortune and you’re concerned your miracle “cure” could end up causing unwanted and highly undesirable long-term side effects?

You may even have experienced good results with fraxel laser sessions and/or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, but they’re expensive and not without discomfort and you’ve realised the results still aren’t permanent…so now what? Well, this is where Moor Mask® comes in and if any of the above apply to you, it’s time to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule for some cold hard truths about your skin care regimen and where you’re going wrong.

The global beauty industry is currently worth around $340 billon (£221 billion) and if you total up the amount you spend on the ‘must-have’ anti-aging cream or ‘quick fix’ acne treatment, it’s not hard to see how we got there. The choice is daunting, confusing and overwhelming. Big business invests millions of dollars per annum on celebrity endorsements, glossy advertising and the invention of new and wonderful terms to describe their latest ingredients, all of which are designed to part us from our hard earned cash. Our dwindling bank balances and bathroom shelves bulging under the weight of discarded products serve as painful testimony that when it comes to looking good we’re easy targets. So…why is Moor Mask® any different and how can it help you?

Well, for starters we could bang on about the 100% natural and organic moor mud which makes up our facial mask containing absolutely NO additives, chemicals, parabens or other “nasties”. Or, we could mention our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all first time orders or the 1000 herbs which go into every single jar sold! We could even boast about our 9 out of 10 score for “effectiveness on skin” from an independent panel of testers or refer you to the glowing testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. But we won’t. Instead we’re going to show you how to get significantly better skin in just 28 days and how to keep your skin looking great everyday, not just for a week, a month or even a year, but for the rest of your life, simply by adopting a painless, easy to follow (and therefore easy to stick to) skin care system, which addresses ALL your skin concerns, saves you money AND fits around your busy lifestyle. We’ll even tell you how our moor mud mask helps you get the very best results from favourite products you already use, by making them work faster and more effectively….read more

About Moor Mask®

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about moor mask About Moor Mask<sub>®</sub>

Moor Mask® is an ethically extracted, naturally occurring mud from the lowland moors of eastern Europe.  But make no mistake, this is no ordinary mud.  Every single jar of our best-selling moor mud facial mask contains the following:

  • Over  1000 herbs300 of which have known beneficial properties
  • 200 of these herbs have been extinct everywhere else on the planet for over 500 years
  • 100% organic substances!
  • Naturally occurring Antibiotics!
  • Various pro and active Vitamins and Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Lipids and Organic Sulphur!

For more details on how this spectacular mud works and the skin conditions it can treat please go to our information page.

Why Moor Mask®

  • Reviews for Moor Mask®

    Why blow our own trumpet when other people have done it for us? Whether it’s written reviews or video reviews, there’s a fair few out there.  You can see a selection on our Moor Mask® review page if you don’t want to leave the site or carry out your own research…Read More…
    woman Why Moor Mask<sub>®</sub>

  • Does Moor Mask® Work?

    Well, we have a huge fan-base, glowing reviews and regular customers who bathe in the stuff so we reckon it does!  But if you’re still not sure, check out the 60-day MONEY BACK guarantee which comes with all first time orders or read some of the testimonials we’ve received.  Read More…
    before after Why Moor Mask<sub>®</sub>

  • How to Apply Moor Mask®

    There’s nothing like a good old YouTube video tutorial when you’re not sure what to do – right?  You can find ours on the Moor Mask Usage Instructions page along with a written ‘step-by-step’ guide which can be printed out if you’re not familiar with our products…Genius!  Read More…
    mask Why Moor Mask<sub>®</sub>

Moor Mask® Vs The Skin Care Competition

We’re tempted to ask – what competition?…but we’ll restrain ourselves!  At the time of writing we don’t know of any other moor mud brand of the same quality (i.e facial quality) being sold any cheaper anywhere in the world, even when taking into account shipping costs.  Cheaper muds are cheaper for a reason.  They are not facial quality, being extracted from nearer surface level, and are really only suitable for use on the body or in the bath.  You will not achieve the same results that can be achieved using Moor Mask®…simples.

Both the Face & Body Mask  (the ‘regular’ mask as we call it) and the Eye & Lip Mask that we sell can be used safely and effectively on all areas of your skin.

However,  if you are thinking of ordering a different brand of moor mud because you think we’re too expensive or you want more information on why you should order from us and not them then take a few moments to read through the price comparison table below or head off to the FAQ’s page.  Read More…


(assumes purchase of MEDIUM size Moor Mask® Larger sizes work out cheaper!)
Moor Mud Brand £   per fl.oz $   per fl.oz
Torf Organic Moor Mud Facial Mask 6.60 10.27
Moor Spa Facial Mask 4.30 6.68
Golden Moor Natural Mask 4.30 6.68
Moor Mask® Face & Body/Regular Mask 1.76 2.73

If you purchase a large size jar of Moor Mask® the price per fl.oz drops down to £1.47/$2.28 and with an extra large size jar drops again to £1.17/$1.81!

So even when adding on the price of any international postage we cannot be beaten on price OR quality!

NOW AVAILABLE:  Grab yourself an absolute steal, enjoy subsidised FAST courier shipping  AND get a FREE ACCESSORY BUNDLE when you order in quantity.  Our NEW bulk Moor Mask® works out at just 0.56pence per fl. oz (that’s around 90 cents for those of you “over the pond”) AND you can still use your promo codes to SAVE EVEN MORE …honestly!

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